I Love Minecraft

I do.  I really, really do!

And thankfully so does my 6 year old. 

Although he prefers playing more for adventure and exploring, I just love building.  J and I have made a world full of Games, Races and Mazes.

Walled in jungle areas for Hide and Seek, I've recreated large Greek Labyrinth Gardens as Mazes that his friends love exploring, some fun Midway style games - like Pig Racing or Bumper Boat Racing and even a Sky Diving type obstacle course, where you have to avoid obstacles while falling to the ground. 

Talking with other adults, you mention Minecraft and eyes start rolling.... 

But I know that J and I love the game, and play often.

I know there is a lot of hoopla out there about the game - studies show how great it is for kids minds, studies show how evil it is for kids minds. 

How about we just focus on spending time together with an enjoyable activity, maybe use a little problem solving skills, and have fun?  If he was playing with GI Joes on the floor, would it really be better?